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Donning Aids

Wearing compression is one of the most effective ways to help manage lymphoedema. However, as the garments need to provide a prescribed amount of 'compression' this usually means they can be hard to get on and take off. This is made even more difficult if there are co-morbidities such as arthritis, Parkinson's Disease, reduced mobility or peripheral neuropathy. Even as a therapist assisting with compression garments, it can be a struggle to help patients with their sleeves or stockings. There are products now available calling donning aids, that have been designed to help with this problem. There are varying types and designs available through many companies, however I have recently come across a design that is innovative yet simplistic and makes the struggle of donning and doffing compression garments that much easier. There are two products of similar design, the Steve+ by Haddenham Healthcare and the Melany by Sigvaris.

The Steve+ design allows the EasyOn section to be utilised for an armsleeve or leg stocking for those that have good strength and mobility. It particularly makes putting on garments that are a flat knit and a higher-pressure compression easier.

The On/Off CombiBox provides the ability to independently don and doff a garment without the need to bend down or lift the leg up. It can be utilised while standing, with the extendable arms giving stability and balance while applying which can be handy for thigh high compression. The arms can be adjusted on the aid so it can be used from a safe, seated position, useful for the more elderly or less mobile patients with knee high compression.

The Steve+ ring allows for easy removal of compression garments, utilising the CombiBox for leverage, as the garment gets folded over the ring and pulled down with the aid.

As a therapist, I highly recommend patients acquire a donning aid that suits their needs, as it can help take the struggle out of wearing compression. They allow people to be independent who may not otherwise be able to wear compression sleeves or stockings. If you wish to know more, please contact us and we can discuss your options!

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