Have you or a loved one experienced cancer and then wondered how you can help others like yourself or share your experience? 

At The Positive Health Project we want to help facilitate peoples wish to give back and to support our community in as many ways as possible. 

There are many ways you can help, no matter how much time or amount resources you may have. This includes:

  • Helping with fundrasiers

  • Helping to raise awareness

  • Being part of support groups

  • Hosting an activity at the clinic

  • Partnership with your business

  • Co-ordinating and assisting with special activities such as social outings

  • Volunteering to help with transport

  • Providing discounts to our patients

And there are many other ways in which you can contribute and help make a difference to our community. 

If you wish to express interest in volunteering, please head over to the contact us page or send us an email. 


43 Elyard Street, Narellan, NSW, 2567

0431 818 370

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